Coordinated Advice & Wealth Management Oversight

We empower medical sales professionals to do more with their money. 

Do you feel like you're someone who...

  • Believes that success is a result of conscious effort, not luck.
  • Rejects complacency, mediocrity, and inefficiency.
  • Competes aggressively to win.
  • Lives by design, not default.
  • Cares deeply about family and desires to leave a legacy.

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"Nearly two decades of wealth management experience with a passion for seeing people win with their money"

Dominique J. Henderson, CFP®

Ideally, you'd prefer specialized wealth management oversight to coordinate ALL the aspects of your financial picture...

Cash Flow Management

Spending and saving habits specific to your obligations and desired lifestyle.

Investment Positioning

Proper guidance to balance your investments while remaining flexible to changing market conditions.

Tax Planning

Exploring the full potential of tax saving strategies to increase your wealth faster.

Estate Preservation

Implementing a thorough plan that captures your wishes "for and during" major life changes.

Personal & career development tools

We are sensitive to the needs of medical sales professionals and cater advice to help you advance your career.

Guru-like sales techniques

We understand that you need to differentiate yourself from competitors, so we deliver actionable steps you can take to move ahead of your competition.

Industry specific wealth management

We understand the complexities of your employer benefits and stock incentive plans, so we've designed a template for you to succeed at building wealth.

Making your life simpler with a wealth management experience designed around YOU!

Virtual meetings with cutting-edge technology to accommodate your hectic schedule


Strategies based on industry specific knowledge


Enormous amounts of TIME FREEDOM 

Ready to begin a journey to financial and time freedom like you've never experienced before?

Join the community of medical sales professionals experiencing the benefit of "specialized" wealth management oversight. 

Reach your summit with advisory designed to set you apart by taking your finances, career and life to the next level!